Text To Speech

Simple text-to-speech readers work with standard applications, such as Microsoft Word and browsers. Many of these are available in free or inexpensive versions, with paid upgrade versions with better voices or additional features. Currently available text-to-speech readers include:

Natural Reader (Mac or Windows)
Read Please (Windows) (Discontinued but you may be able to download from site.)
Ghostreader (Macintosh)

More advanced text-to-speech programs include a variety of additional features to help with reading, studying, and writing, including optical character recognition (OCR), word prediction, tools to highlight, extract, and organize text, and homophone checkers. This type of program is sometimes called scan-and-read software. It may be an entirely stand-alone product, or it may have options for interfacing with one or more applications, such as Microsoft Word. Some examples include:

Kurzweil 3000 (Windows and Macintosh)
WYNN (Windows)
Read and Write (Windows and Macintosh)

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