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Performance Enhancing Software for Scanning

Software is available known as Word Prediction. This technology attempts to guess what the user is typing. A list of words are presented to the user, and selecting a number associated to the word causes the program finishes typing the word for the user, and predicts the next possible word to use.

Some performance enhancing applications also have Abbreviation Expansion which is a method of encoding information. Words and/or phrases can be assigned a number code. For example, the phrase “How are you today? I am fine, thank you.” could be encoded using the abbreviation “HYT”. Simply typing the characters HYT forces the software to type “How are you today? I am fine, thank you.”

EZ Keys
by Words+
Has time-saving features, including dual word prediction and abbreviation expansion. When the user begins to type a word, EZ Keys displays a table of the six most frequently used words that begin with those letters.

Scanning and Control of Computer

EZ Keys
by Words+
Designed to provide complete mouse emulation using alternative inputs, such as a variety of access modes, including single and multiple switch scanning, and Morse code, are available with EZ Keys software. You can even switch from one access mode to another without exiting the program. A “no voice” version of EZ Keys is also available for users who do not require speech output, but who want adapted computer access.

CrossScanner (Single switch mouse/keyboard emulator)
by RJ Cooper & Associates
The first click starts the lineScan down the screen. The next click stops the line when it gets to the user’s desired vertical point. If DoubleClick, Drag, or Text Entry is active, an icon Window pops up for the user to select between with the fingerScan. The final click tells the computer to move the cursor to that point and perform the chosen function.

Discover Switch®
by Don Johnston Inc
This program puts full keyboard and mouse functions on the computer screen. The keys on the screen scan and users press Discover:Switch to select the key they want. You can change the Discover:Switch display in many ways to make it look, act and sound just the way you need it. Discover:Switch offers pictures, word banks and a full keyboard so individuals can enter text.

by IntelliTools
This is a utility program which gives the user the ability to set up hot spots for scanning in other computer programs. Hot spots are the items on the screen that will be scanned. This allows any Mac program to be set up to scan. Scanning may be done in auto, step, and directional scan. When using external switches, a switch interface is needed to connect the switch to the Macintosh.

Simtech Publications
Single switch software designed to meet the needs of people with physical disabilities. For people unable to control the mouse or use the keyboard so most “commercial& software is inaccessible to them. But if they can press and release a single switch with any part of their body (hand, arm, head, foot, etc.) they can gain access to software that is specifically designed for that type of input.

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