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An excellent switch for people with gross motor skills. The switch is enclosed in foam and covered with a removable, washable velvet bag that comes in 2 colors. Tactile and auditory feedback.
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Soft Switch

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Origin Instruments Corporation
Sip/Puff Switch is a head mounted accessory used to actuate a two position switch by a simple sip or puff. It consists of a head frame with attached mouth tube and a switch box connected to the head frame by a second plastic tube. Sips and puffs are converted to switch closures inside the Switch Box. These switch events are made available on two connectors labeled “Sip” and “Puff.”
photograph of Head Mounted Sip and Puff Switch
Head Mounted Sip/Puff Switch

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by Tash
Activated by Leaf Switch, activate by pressing lightly against the leaf in one direction pressing lightly against the leaf in one direction. Comes with a removable 3″ round foam pad. Has tactile and auditory feedback. Mounting required.

Active Switches (battery powered)

Infrared/Sound/Touch (IST) Switch
by Words+
This switch allows users to Words+, switch activates by Infrared, Sound, and Touch operate a variety of communication devices and software with virtually any kind of body motion. The Touch Sensor uses a small metal button to detect skin contact. The slightest touch using any part of the body can be detected, so no force is required to activate the switch. The Infrared Sensor operates by emitting a very low-powered infrared beam. When a surface in front of the beam reflects enough of the light back to the receiver, the IST closes a relay, which acts as a switch. The Sound Sensor uses a miniature microphone to detect sounds ranging from a loud voice to slightly sharp breaths from the mouth or nose.

TouchFree Switch
by Edmark
The TouchFree Switch uses a combination of a digital nvideo camera and switch software provides flexible and customizable click capabilities for users with limited ability to use traditional switches. It can be activated by a choice of large or small body movements. How it works. Point the camera at an arm, elbow, face or foot. Zoom in or out to capture small or large movements. Select an area in the on-screen video window, then move in or out of the box to trigger a mouse click.
photograph of Touch Free switch, activated by a choice of large or small body movements
TouchFree Switch

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by Artificial Language Laboratory
The Self-Calibrating Auditory Tone Infrared (SCATIR) Switch is an experimental multipurpose momentary-contact optical switch with auditory feedback designed for use by persons who experience difficulty in activating mechanical switches. It works by detecting a beam of reflected pulsed infrared light. It is suitable for use with a variety of control gestures, including eye-blink, eyebrow movement, finger movement, head movement, and facial muscle movement. Because it works on an optical principal, it can be activated at a distance. For a demonstration of SCATIR with “Blink and Wink”

by Prentke Romich Company
The P-Switch is operated by small controlled muscle movements, by Prentke Romich P-Switch is operated by small controlled muscle movements. It has adjustable sensitivity levels, and is commonly used in the wrist or eyebrow area. Size 4 x 2-3/8 x 1 inches.

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