EADL Devices

The following devices have discrete control interface (an electronic device is either turned ON or OFF), such as lights, fans, television etc..

Several devices are capable of continuous control interface which results in successively, greater or smaller degrees of control. For example, continuous control is: lowering and raising of the volume on a television, or dimming of a light.

The Call Bell Switch activated Call Bell, by Tash Inc is an inexpensive, and small battery operated alarm. When Bell is activated, will emit a distinctive two tone chime. The Call Bell can be operated by direct access, a single switch or remotely with an Ultra One package.

Relax II
Controls up photograph of Tash, Relax II, Infared Control Unit to 4 infrared devices and 10 electrical appliances with a single switch. (#4168, X-10 Transceiver required to operate electrical appliances. Simple and quick to train. New, easy to follow, adjustable scan speed. Scanning modes: auto, hold and step. Auditory and visual feedback! Sleek, discreet and easy to mount. Programs simply with your regular remote control

NEMO Basic
Nemo has a Back-lit LCD display, readable at night or in dark settings. It transmits infrared signals in all directions, just like your TV’s remote control. In fact, you might say it is a remote control. It will learn any infrared command from any other remote, and comes with built-in codes for X10 (lights), hospital beds, and a special high-quality speaker telephone (optional). Access NEMO by: voice, switch, joystick, and wheelchair controls.
Madentec NEMO, portable Electronic Aid to Daily Living
NEMO Basic

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The SimplicityTM Quartet voice activated environmental control unit are switch activated environmental control units (ECU) with voice output. Using any ability switch, a user can control his/her environment. The Series 7M is identical to the Series 7, but adds a special computer interface allowing the user full control of any IBM personal computer or compatible via Morse code input.

Sicare Pilot Natural speech recognition for controlling your environment. Sicare Pilot converts spoken commands into signals that control numerous devices voice activation nand switch access within multiple environments. It is possible, by voice activation, to control the television, computer, telephone, lights, door systems, and much more! And Dual switch or Single switch with scanning 64 individual words available with multiple command use through menu structure Internal microphone Voice feedback on menu commands, acknowledging acceptance of your voice command. Auditory feedback on scanning.

Mercury and Mercury SE
Included on every device are pre-programmed infrared signals for most brands of televisions, VCRs, DVD players, satellite and cable receivers. This eliminates the inconveniences associated with programming a device. Additionally, the X-10 command center allows users to turn on and off lights and household appliances (additional equipment required). Mercury is a fully integrated Microsoft® Windows® XP-based Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) device. Mercury SE is the dedicated version of the Mercury AAC device. Mercury SE has been altered to conform to the Medicare guidelines for coverage established for speech-generating devices (SGD).

FreeSwitch Max The FreeSwitch Max activates AC appliances with direct selection using the keypad or external switches. The FreeSwitch Max, a environmental control unit FreeSwitch Max can auditorily scan through four 5 second messages. Messages are heard through the built-in speaker or through headphones. Positive, inverse and step scanning are available with a variable scan rate. With auditory scanning, when the FreeSwitch Max plays the phrase “radio on”, the operator could press the keypad or their switch to select that response, which then would cause the radio to turn on.

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