Visually Impaired Magnification

ZoomText Xtra Level 2
by AI-Squared
Integrated Magnification and Screen Reading
Zoomtext 8.1 has two new features for easily reading. Fractional magnification, is now available in powers of 1.25x, 1.5x and 1.75x. And, in Windows XP, ZoomText’s AppReader can read PDF documents usaing Adobe Reader 6.0.1 or later. ZoomText Xtra Level 2 features synchronized magnification and screen reading that’s easy to use. Level 2 speaks all on-screen text, echoes typing and automatically reads multi-page documents.
Zoomtext 8.1 is here

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by Dolphin Computer Access
Combines magnification, speech and Braille output in one program. This is to benefit individuals and establishments with a range of visually impaired requirements. Fully integrated magnification, speech and Braill

MAGic v8.0
by Freedom Scientific
A screen magnification program, it contains high and true color support (up to 32-bit) for enhanced smoothing of characters. The only magnification software to work with the powerful program for blind– JAWS for Windows screen-reading software.

by RJ Cooper & Associates
Finally, BIG, ultra-visible cursors for all programs. Large selection, even ‘lefties’. Many are even animated PLUS, other SIGNIFICANT cursor enhancements also. Biggy also lets you choose big & bold replacements for cursors, like the I-beam. A great all-around utility that works within any software.

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