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Augmentative Alternative Communication Accessories

FRS Custom SolutionsForbes Rehab Services has developed our own line Forbes Rehab Services,has developed our own line of Custom Solutions for users with extended or specialized needs of Custom Solutions for users with extended or specialized needs. These products are developed by FRS using our 14 years of experience in the field. For further information, simply click the appropriate image. Please feel free to call 1-888-884-2190 for more information.

Software for Augmentative Alternative Communication

EZ Keys by Words+ – Time-saving features, including dual word prediction and abbreviation expansion. When the user begins to type a word, EZ Keys displays a table of the six most frequently used words that begin with those letters. You select the appropriate word from the display, and EZ Keys instantly types the remainder of the word. In addition, EZ Keys features next word prediction, where the program actually learns your word patterns and displays a list of the last six words you used in conjunction with the previous word. Simply select the correct word and EZ Keys types it for you.

World-renowned astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, uses Words+ software to deliver lectures around the world.

Dynamic Display Software

Talking Screen by Words+ – A communication software designed for non-literate or non-speaking individuals, or for individuals who prefer using pictures and symbols to communicate. Talking Screen uses customized communication “dynamic display” boards to help the user communicate. Using the Talking Screen software, users select pictures and symbols that communicate what they are feeling or thinking.

Speaking Dynamically Pro by Mayer-Johnson Company – A powerful communication program. It allows you to use the Macintosh computer as a communication device. Access Methods include mouse, touchscreen, joystick, trackball, head-pointing device, alternate keyboard, and switches using built-in scanning modes.

When using Speaking Dynamically Pro, you will most likely need Boardmaker – A graphics database containing over 3,000 PCS (Picture Communication Symbols) in bitmapped clip art form. The program allows you to make a communication display in minutes. You can quickly find and paste pictures into your display with a mouse click. A great feature of Boardmaker is to be able to store, name, retrieve, resize, and paste scanned or custom-drawn pictures.

DynaVox System Software (DSS) – Allows for creating communication pages on the computer at your convenience. The pages can then be transferred easily to a DynaMyte or DynaVox device, using either the DynaBeam product or traditional cabling methods. This benefits everyone: clinicians and others can create new messages at their convenience; the individual using the communication device never have to give up their device for programming purposes. Esuring that they always have a voice.

The Gus! – Multimedia Speech System for Windows includes a bundle of five different communication/speech programs. All of them are included in order to provide the user with the largest number of communication options and features. Depending on the physical and speech requirements of the individual, one or more of these programs will might provide for their communication solution.

AAC Specialists

RehabTool.comThey specialize in computer adaptations and custom software design for children and adults with disabilities and special needs. They propose augmentative and alternative communication devices, computer access equipment, multilingual speech synthesis and voice recognition software. They offer virtual on-screen keyboards, voice-enabled communication boards, as well as cognitive rehabilitation tools. Their website includes a helpful search feature to assist in locating appropriate assistive technology.

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